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Adamant Times

Trying, in all senses of the term

Nathaniel Eliot
30 November 1979
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Phone #: (512) 786-8842
If you want to know, read the journal, or ask. I'm pretty open-minded, provided you are. Aside from that, I'm pretty normal. Sarcasm transmits so poorly in digital.

Oh, and it's pronounced "teh moo gin". Or at least, that's how I mangle it.

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  • Identity fragmentation and term conflation makes managing "Web 2.0" profiles futile. Friends and Interests are not a guarantee of friendship or interest, nor should their lack be construed to imply a lack of same.
  • The End User indemnifies and holds harmless the Author for any and all mental trauma, anguish, and/or loss of performance suffered from usage of this Product.
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