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Dear Delicious

I started with you back when you were Then Yahoo bought you. Then they sold you. Then you started making bad changes: removing fully-functional interfaces and replacing them with cheap substitutes that often don't work as advertised.

Today, I tried to clean out some of my bookmarks. I have roughly 3500, and many are rotten, outdated, or otherwise useless to me now. But you won't let me delete multiple at a time (or rather, you'll let me try, and then fail silently). Then you started logging me out incessantly.

Now you've rate limited me. On completely manual, one at a time, selectively applied deletions, I have been rate limited. In less than a day.

I'd say "it's not you, it's me", but it's pretty obvious that it's you. I'm leaving you, and I'm taking the links. I hope I'll remember you as you once were, not the bloated tumblr clone you're trying to become.


Fuck Your Redesign
Tags: hacking, rant

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