Nathaniel Eliot (temujin9) wrote,
Nathaniel Eliot

Carry On, Carry On

So the overwhelming response seems to be "keep it together", with a couple of "well, what do you intend?"s (and a technical "and my axe!" from cavorite, vis the underlying CMMess problem). The question as to what I want to do with this is fair, and since it was asked twice and I'm lazy: I don't know, exactly.

At first glance, it seems to be mostly to get writing again. I liked writing publicly, but the way I did it required more mental effort than I can spare at the moment. Finding ways to make it fit better into the new routines requires regular practice. Hat-tip to my wonderful wife, for leading by impressive example here.

There's an element of wanting to build the stream of technical braggadocio which seems the calling card of the 21st century alpha-geek. Reading those blogs can be heady pipelines of technical information, but at the expense of general applicability: I've stopped reading some tech blogs simply due to an overwhelming stream of talk about tools I don't use.

So for now, I'm going to stick to one stream and tagging. That's what I'm familiar with, and changing things when I'm not sure how I want them to change seems foolish. It may prove to be "wrong", but (at least in computers) a consistent wrong choice is often much easier to fix than intermittent or poorly applied cleverness. (Speaking of which: hello, Facebook and Twitter!)

Up next: inter-generational D&D for the exhausted.
Tags: technology, writing

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