Nathaniel Eliot (temujin9) wrote,
Nathaniel Eliot

Why I Support Wikileaks

The choice is not for or against leaks, in any meaningful sense, though both sides are trying to make it so. Information leaks will happen, and they will happen more as technology advances. People do not understand the baroque and constantly shifting security implications of their actions, and they will be duped. National cybersecurity professionals are not immune.

The choice is between openness and poorly kept secrets. The choice is between everyone being able to reuse the data, or only the authorized and criminals being able to. The choice is between allowing average citizens to know what those working in their name are doing, or keeping them intentionally ignorant in the midst of ongoing information warfare between government, business, and criminal elites.

I prefer openness because its the only way I see that the little guy might not get chewed up and spat out without any recourse. Trusting without the capacity to verify is not governance, but the abdication of that fundamental responsibility. I prefer openness because I believe it's the best way to ensure that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
Tags: politics, rant, society
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