Nathaniel Eliot (temujin9) wrote,
Nathaniel Eliot


One of the amazing things to come out of Reesa's cancer recovery has been the SpinAThon, a fiber endurance event organized by freyapax. She and several other spinners, knitters, and weavers are working around the clock, sponsored by PayPal donations, to help cover some of the sudden medical bills we've received.

They started work at midnight, and currently stand at almost 35 hours donated. Only a few more donations will put us into time promised by local celebrity skzbrust for book signings and musical entertainment. If you're in the Austin area (and we get enough donations), you can come by the event and meet the spinners, Reesa, Steve and I tomorrow. Details will be listed SpinAThon as they become available (i.e. - once freyapax gets the chance to count the donations, and post her address), or you can contact me privately.
Tags: cancer
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